“New York is now out of control,” US President Donald Trump pointed out the rising crime rates in cities ruled by Democrats who wanted the police to be disbanded. commented

US President Donald Trump held a roundtable meeting with the Americans who had “good memories” with the security forces at the White House.

Following the recent protests in the country, Trump pointed out the demands of the Democratic section to disband the police and cut the funds to the organizations, “The police of our country have been blockaded in recent weeks.” found the assessment.

In his speech, Trump reminded that the police officers on duty were also harassed, injured and killed, “Irresponsible politicians stained our security forces as enemies and smeared them on their behalf.” shared his opinion.


Pointing to the increasing crime rates in New York, where he was born and lived for many years, Trump said, “Armed attacks in New York increased by 358 percent. It is hard to believe, but the city administration did what they wanted and said, ‘Black Lives Matter (Blacks New Life is unfortunately out of control now. ” found the assessment.

Trump also praised the fight against crime of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was charged with “human rights violations” for his actions during his tenure, “Like or dislike Rudy, he did a very good job in fighting crime. He is the largest municipality in New York. He was president. ” said.

“Radical politicians are fighting war against the innocent American people,” Trump also highlighted the rising crime rates in cities ruled by Democrats, such as Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis. used the expression. (AA)


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