Japan has witnessed the story of a blood-freezing killer in recent years. A person named Takahiro Shiraishi murdered 9 people he met on Twitter, and hid the bones of those he killed in his apartment, which is only 13 square meters. The man, nicknamed the “Twitter Killer”, who kept the victims’ bones in cold cabinets, was also detained after searches in his home.

He raped and killed 9 women he met on Twitter!

Shiraishi chose women who were suicidal as victims for him. She deceived those she chose with the promise of helping them commit suicide and raped the women she invited to her home and ended their lives. Moreover, the majority of its victims were between the ages of 15-26. On the other hand, the defense made by Shiraishi’s lawyers was that people who wanted to die had already been killed, so the crime could not be compared to a normal murder. However, this defense does not seem to have worked very well.

Japanese courts were able to conclude the murders in exactly 23 hearings. The killer, who gave his testimony during the trials, said that he only regrets those who have been with him for a long time, he does not regret killing other people.

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According to the information in the Japanese media, the murderer also complained about the prolongation of the court process. He even declared to the court that he would accept that the process was too long, even if the death penalty was given. Considering this statement, the delegation made the decision without further ado, and the 30-year-old “Twitter Killer” was sentenced to death.

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