The pandemic period affected the automobile industry to a great extent, as in everything else. The bad year 2020 caused great damage to almost every company in terms of economy. For example, smartphone manufacturers could not reach their target sales figures last year. In addition, the automobile industry has become deplorable. In fact, Honda, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, decided to withdraw from Russia, which has a large market share, due to its poor progress.



According to foreign media reports, Honda will stop supplying vehicles to Russia from 2022 as part of the company’s new planning structure. For this reason, it will withdraw from the country. However, Honda’s chief executive stated that they will continue to sell cars and motorcycle parts in Russia. At the same time, after-sales service activities will continue.


Honda does not have a factory in Russia

Unlike other Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan, Honda does not have a factory in Russia. All Honda cars sold in this country are imported as complete vehicles. We can say that the main reason for the Japanese technology giant’s withdrawal from Russia is its bad sales. According to reports from the European Cooperation data, the giant company sold only 79 cars in November, a sharp drop of 50% compared to other annual sales. Probably the only reason this is the case is Covid-19, which is the trouble of 2020. The pandemic that turned everything upside down also disappointed Honday, one of the successful names in the automobile industry, this year.


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