Social media was shaken yesterday with an interesting event. According to allegations, NASA had discovered a new constellation, which caused the horoscope to change. In fact, a new sign called “Snake” entered our lives. However, no one had questioned whether these claims were true. However, neither NASA discovered a new star nor changed the zodiac signs.

Social media platforms, which became popular with the widespread use of the Internet, have become the determinant of the agenda. The topics discussed in the platforms used by millions of people are closely followed by the users. As such, sometimes serious issues, and sometimes superstitions that have nothing to do with reality can sit at the center of the agenda at once. Such an incident took place yesterday.

Yesterday on Twitter, it was claimed that NASA discovered a new constellation, and that the zodiac signs changed due to this constellation. Moreover, according to the allegations, NASA announced this to the world with a blog post published on its official website. Even television channels watched by millions of people in our country have reported these allegations. But oddly enough, the main newsletter teams of those major television channels did not even need to access NASA’s website. Because if they had checked, they could understand that it was just nonsense.

Don’t worry, your horoscope hasn’t changed

Hearing millions of allegations made by NASA, millions of social media users shared this as if there would be a radical change in their lives. Others complained about this situation, while others said it had passed from one sign to another. But don’t worry. NASA had made no explanation about the subject and had not changed the zodiac sign or something. So the claims are completely false.

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The new situation of the so-called horoscopes was like this

While this process was going on, it started to be said that a new sign was formed and the sign was called “Snake”. Of course, our social media musketeers addressed this issue without wasting time. Many people posted it as “the new sign of my ex-lover”. But while all these posts were being made, no one questioned whether these claims were true or not checked NASA’s website. So what was the source of these claims?

Allegedly, NASA had discovered a constellation called “Ophiuchus”. However, this constellation has not been newly discovered, but has been known for thousands of years. NASA was already talking about this constellation in a blog created in 2016 to increase children’s interest in space. That is, only the part of the allegations in question on the NASA blog was correct. However, this blog post was very old, NASA had not made a new discovery and the horoscopes had not changed.

NASA had to explain on the subject

With the claims made on social media reflected on television channels and turned into a madness, NASA had to make a statement on the subject. In the statements made on Twitter, NASA said that they saw the comments made about the zodiac story, and that the subject was gagged every few years but they did not interfere with the zodiac signs. Expressing that the Babylonians ignored the 13th mark when they discovered the constellations 3000 years ago, NASA emphasized that what they did was only to calculate the mathematics of it.


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