Now you can try to make up from your home with the power of AR. You can try lipsticks and eyeshadows from L’Oreal, MAC, BLK / OPL and more.

Trying makeup products is now easy with augmented reality

L’Oreal Paris announced in a blog post that Google’s new shopping feature will allow people to virtually try on makeup. Another feature will show the products in various models. Only lipstick and eyeshadow are part of this feature. It’s also limited to a few brands like L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Black Opal, and Charlotte Tilbury.

You can search for the product you are thinking of on Google to try. If it’s a supported brand, you’ll see a new Google card showing the product and how it will look when used on a model. You will use a list at the bottom to change the preview; You will use the top list to change the model. It seems like Google and its partners have used models with a fairly wide range of skin tones to make it easy to find someone like you.If you want to see how the product will look on your skin, you have to press the button that says “Try it”. When you click this, the camera will open and then digitally apply the makeup. As with models, you can change the previews.

This preview works almost the same as a Snapchat filter, but it’s not perfect. For example:


This feature was made available because people were hesitant to go to a physical store and use a common test user. This application will not give you as precise a result as a one-on-one try, but at least it will give you an idea of ​​how the product will look on your skin and the harmony of skin color.


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