While the USA was preparing for the presidential elections in 2020, social media companies have been under intense pressure for a while to prevent counterfeit or played content. Twitter announced that it will launch a new application on this type of content that will warn users from 5 March.

Social media companies were under pressure to take serious steps to combat the threat from videos called “deepfake”, using artificial intelligence technology, making someone say something they didn’t actually say.

Youtube, which is affiliated with Alphabet Inc, announced that the content that was technically played out earlier this week, and TikTok, owned by the Chinese company Btyedance, also launched a comprehensive ban on “misleading information” last month.

Twitter also announced on Tuesday that there will be a warning about tweets with artificially or misleadingly mounted images or content. The new application will be active starting March 5.

In this context, it may be possible to completely remove the misleading content that is considered to affect public security negatively or which is thought to violate the privacy principle.

Facebook also announced last month that it had decided to remove such content, but it would not be removed if videos with grinding / satirical content were modified to change the order of words or to remove some words.

Congress members also reacted to the statement that the assembled image, which depicts the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, having difficulty speaking, is not within the scope of the new practice.

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