A Twitter user named Jack will be fed up with the policies of today’s social media platforms, tweeting Myspace and its founder Tom Anderson against today’s social media platforms, and sharing soon became viral.

Myspace, which Z generation could not even see, has been removed to the dusty shelves of the internet library, although it was one of the most popular social media platforms. Despite this, Myspace was brought back to the agenda in a short time thanks to a viral tweet.

A Twitter user named JackDMurphy shared Myspace with today’s social media platforms, primarily Facebook, by sharing a photo of Myspace founder Tom Anderson in a tweet he shared recently.

Viral tweet with over 450,000 likes

“Do you remember Tom?” Jack started his tweet with the question: “Do you remember that he sold his $ 500 million stake in Myspace and retired to live a happy life? He never sold our data, tried to influence the elections, did not lobby against privacy laws … What a man! Myspace was too naive for this world. ” It continued in the form.

Jack’s tweet made it possible for other Twitter users to remember the ‘free, relatively non-commercialized, data breaches not spoken’ days of the internet. So much so that; As of now, the tweet has received over 450,000 likes and over 76,000 retweets.

Tom Anderson’s response to viral tweet

The fact that the tweet is so viral has enabled even Tom Anderson, who has not actively used Twitter since 2017, to be aware of the tweet. For one of the comments that came under Jack’s tweet was by Tom Anderson. The tweet was so viral that Anderson’s response, consisting solely of emojis, received over 40,000 likes.


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