The Vivaldi browser was updated on Android and finally came out of its trial version. Edition 3.0, now available on the Play Store, closes the program’s beta and brings great news, including a native ad blocker and a system that protects against online data tracking.

The pocket edition of Vivaldi has the same ad blocking solution as the desktop version of the program, which ensures familiarity for those who already use the browser on the computer. The system that prevents data tracking was also imported from the main version of the browser and uses the list of companies made by DuckDuckGo, which mapped the main companies and web addresses that usually pan users’ information.

Tracking and ad protection features can be easily configured in a menu next to the browser’s address bar. The browser interface also includes a tab manager and a quick access box that allows you to save websites right from the home page.

For those who use Vivaldi on Windows, Mac or Linux, the mobile version allows you to synchronize saved content between your computer and smartphone. The mobile edition also includes navigation optimized for smaller screens and other native features that can make a difference in everyday life, including support for annotations and screenshots.

Vivaldi can be downloaded for Android through the Play Store on this page. Desktop browser editions are available on the official browser website.


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