While the importance of smartwatches in our lives continues to increase, the future of screen recording feature for Wear OS smartwatch has been leaked.



In the news we made today, we mentioned that the blood pressure measurement service has been added to Samsung’s smart watches. While this feature, which is already used in South Korea, is now available in other countries, a striking feature for Wear OS, another smartwatch, has been leaked to the internet. While Samsung continues to break new ground with the blood pressure measurement service it brings to its smart watches, its competitors are not idle. While smart watches, which are widely used in our country, allow us to see and access notifications, brand new features continue to appear as technology develops.

Let’s come to the new feature of the Wear OS smart watch, as we said in the above paragraph, the screen recording feature will come. Users will be able to take screen recording with their smart watches by selecting the screen recording format from the smartphone application. Users will be able to share their images with their smart watches. Of course, these videos will also have a certain duration. While we cannot access information about the duration of the videos, we know that these videos will consist of short snippets.

Although Google has not yet confirmed the screen recording feature for its smart watches, it is stated that it will soon appear among the information leaked to the internet. Especially relevant details and details about the length of the records have not yet been revealed, but this feature is expected to appear with the next update to the devices. Some hints about the feature specified in the source code of the next update have been found.


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