Thursday, October 29, 2020

Mask to Disable Covid-19 Virus in Portugal

As a result of the joint efforts of some academics, science centers and companies in Portugal, it was announced that the first mask to neutralize the virus that caused...

Ghost of Tsushima, Sony’s Best Released PS4 Game

PlayStation announced that Ghost of Tsushima, which recently released with a statement on Twitter, broke the sales record. The game was the fastest debut first-party PS4 game, selling 2.4...

The Plague Case Started Now in the USA

A man living in Colorado, USA, the country most affected by coronavirus, was plague. This case was the first plague in the USA since 2015. The coronavirus, which infects more...

CL Participation in ‘Good Girl’ Producer Season 2

With the end of the 'Good Girl' program, program producer Choi Hyo Jin was interviewed by the media crew and discussed the possibility of a second season. Choi Hyo Jin...

YG Plus, BLACKPINK’s Products for the USA Market

BLACKPINK will soon be releasing adorable marchandise products in the United States market. On July 8, 2020, YG Plus announced it would work with global trading company Bravado. The joining of...

Check out Alex Viveros’ art for the “Train To Busan” sequel

Mexican artist Alex Viveros has designed several posters for Peninsula, the sequel to the legendary Korean film Train To Busan. New Movie, the Korean producer in charge of filming the...

Missing in Samsung phone boxes after Apple!

In the last days of last month, a claim was made that upset consumers about the iPhone 12 case content. This claim was that the charger would not come...

«How Do You Like This» in BLACKPINK «Inkigayo»

BLACKPINK has scored their first victory with How You Like That on SBS's Inkigayo. With 6027 she surpassed SEVENTEEN's Left & Right. Watch the video of victory: Take a look...

2028 forecast in cryptocurrency company Bitcoin

The small investor continues to insist on the demand for Bitcoin, and if this is the case, a serious supply shock may occur in BTC after the next two...

GFRIEND Rilis Video ‘Glass Beads Story

GFRIEND merilis video teaser pertama mereka menjelang comeback with album '回: Song of the Sirens'. Video teaser pertama GFRIEND berjudul 'The Tale of Glass Globe: The Butterfly Effect' dirilis melalui...

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Covid-19 infected global markets

Covid-19 infected global markets. Europe has caught its breath and awaits the statements of French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel within a few...

The key themes of Frank Ocean’s incredible career

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