Ever since Elon Musk and Tesla announced that they have invested $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin, there have been various speculations in the crypto community as to which is the next big company to enter the crypto market.

Speculation is widespread, from Apple to Twitter. Billionaire Tim Draper was the last person to guess a candidate.

In yesterday’s interview with the Unstoppable Podcast, Draper predicted that Netflix would be the next company to buy Bitcoins. Draper said his speculation was based on his personal experience with Netflix CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings:

“Which company will be next? Netflix. I think Reed Hastings is a creative and innovative personality. He is in control of Netflix. I think he will be the person to make the next investment. ”

The famous billionaire also stated that these companies are busy trying to create their own central currency, on the possibility of adopting BTC by Google, Facebook and Apple. However, he believes that Amazon “may start accepting Bitcoin very soon”. In the long run, Draper believes BTC will become a widely accepted asset by all market participants:

“Do you know which others will have to switch to Bitcoin? Pension funds and other funds that have to take care of people’s money. They absolutely have to buy Bitcoin because these institutions are dealing with finance. They have to understand all market dynamics. Where is the potential, where will it gain value. Or he will lose. How to protect from this loss of value. They have to know these. ”

This is not the billionaire’s first prediction of the crypto market. In the past, Draper announced that he owns Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tezos (XTZ) and XRP. Despite making a huge profit from BTC funds, the billionaire expects the cryptocurrency to reach $ 250,000 in the next few years.


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