The OnePlus 7, which received a stable OxygenOs 11 update over the past weeks, has become more unstable after the update.


The OnePlus 7 series, which started to receive Android 11 updates towards the end of March, is currently struggling with brand new problems. While different smartphones continue to appear on the market, other phone models are looking for ways to offer new features to their users with the updates they receive, and the updates that are received bring problems rather than innovations. The smartphone model, which received the Android 11 update in March 2021, made its users go to the head with its unstable 90Hz mode. Users who often complain about the drop in frames made a reproach in various forums to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The OnePlus 7 series, which attracted a great deal of attention to smartphone users with its announcement, was still not sold in our country, but managed to reach very good sales figures in other countries. It was an event with the updates it received as well as the phone model sales. With the update to the smartphone model, the drop in the frame rate on the screen is quite annoying to the users, but it is also interesting that the problems are not resolved.

OnePlus 7 Series Didn’t Like Android 11

According to the information we have obtained, phone users have now started to solve their own problems. Some users tried to solve the problem of frame rate drop that occurred with the Android 11 update received by the smartphone model by trying different functions. Some forums have even told how to solve this problem. Some users allegedly managed to solve the low frame rate that occurred in the 90Hz mode by operating the device in a different mode. The update, which causes the frame rate to drop in FHD mode, does not cause any problems for users in HD mode.


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