Albert Einstein News: A handwritten letter written by Albert Einstein, one of the most important scientists in the world, was sold for $ 1.2 million.


The Boston RR Auction put up for sale a handwritten letter from Albert Einstein addressed to the Polish-born American physicist Ludwik Silberstein, who objected to some of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The letter, written on October 26, 1946, contains the formula E = mc 2, which expresses the mass and energy balance.

The letter, which was offered for sale with an opening price of 400 thousand dollars, had a buyer for 1.24 million dollars during the auction. The name of the recipient of the letter is not disclosed.

Who Is Albert Einstein?

He was born in 1879 in Germany. He moved to Munich with his family when he was only 1 year old. He fell behind his siblings and peers when it came to speaking. Even the scientist, who had speech difficulties until the age of 9, took him to the doctor because his family was worried. His interest in science started with the compass his father gave him when he was 5 years old, and continued in the following years. At the school he started at the age of 9, he lagged behind in some lessons and succeeded in others. Mathematics was among the courses he was successful in.

At the age of 12, he signaled the success he will achieve in the future when he recalls the algebra book given by his uncle. The deteriorating economic situation of his family caused Albert to move to Italy. Einstein, who was denaturalized in 1896, remained stateless until 1901. Einstein, who was interested in philosophy issues in his university life, also started to take scientific issues into consideration. However, he had a not-so-good relationship with professors at the university.

After 1905, Einstein started to give lectures as a scientist at various universities. He continued his studies in the following years and received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. He died in 1976.

Einstein’s Inventions

- It revealed the Mass Energy Equivalence.

- The theory of relativity. (General relativity.)

- Theory of Relativity (Special)

Quantum Physics and Uncertainty

- Photoelectric Effect


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