New era in Covid-19 testing. Singapore approved the Covid-19 breath test, which gives immediate results. Test results will no longer be expected for days.


The ongoing corona virus epidemic continues to die around the world. Despite the measures taken, while the virus cannot be controlled, hundreds of thousands of people continue to die, both in our country and in the world. While vaccination campaigns are being created for the virus these days when we are closed to homes, the sales of masks and disinfectants are increasing. In addition to these, as you know, the corona virus test is performed with samples taken from the nose and mouth. The result of this test is determined within approximately 24 hours. Singapore approved the Covid-19 breath test, which gives immediate results.

First of all, we learned in October, with various news, that Singapore is trying to understand whether it is a corona virus by testing people’s breath. More precisely, such a study started in Singapore but it was not official. With the news coming today, the breath tester, which has been worked on for months, finally became official and made available in Singapore.

Instant Result Covid-19 Breath Test Approved

The corona virus test, which gives instant results according to the developments we have made, is almost like an alcohol meter. So people blow into the device and the device provides them with information about the breath test, telling them if they are corona. The device, which is stated to be 90 percent reliable, has been officially approved in Singapore. The device that measures whether people have corona viruses in 60 seconds reaches this conclusion by evaluating the chemical values ​​in the breath.


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