The screens of the virtual reality helmet that Apple wants to include high-resolution and high-end technologies; It will be produced by TSMC on the basis of microLED technology.

Another important detail has been leaked about Apple’s virtual reality glasses, which continue to work behind closed doors. The screens of the helmet, which are expected to be in 8K resolution, will be produced by TSMC.

Will use micro LED display
It was previously on the agenda that Apple’s virtual reality helmet will come with a powerful chip and 8K displays, equivalent to the Apple M1. Now, it has been reported that these screens will be produced by TSMC with microLED (micro OLED claims are also available) technology.

Unlike mini LED screens, micro LED technology this time includes micro-level LED screens. Thus, more compact dimensions and more vibrant images are obtained. The cost of this technology is slightly higher because it was announced that the most expensive component in the Apple VR helmet is 8K screens.

It is stated that TSMC’s expertise in small screens played a big role in Apple’s choice. Apple and TSMC are currently continuing their R&D activities in Taiwan. It is stated that since it is still in the test production phase, it will take a few years to start volume production.


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