Bitcoin has 666,666. block was mined by the mining pool on January 18 at 23:28 (UTC). Turns out that the creator of this block was encoding this creepy message from the Bible.



Do not overcome evil, overcome evil with good - Romans 12:21.

The line comes from the Epistle, the sixth book in the New Testament, to the Romans and is embedded in the OP_RETURN script, which allows storing up to 80 bytes of data. Output addresses also include the words “God” and “Bible”.


Bitcoin’s most famous secret messages

Messages are usually left on the blockchain with a coinbase transaction, which is the first transaction to occur on each block. Up to 100 bytes of arbitrary data can be encoded.

Released on January 3, 2009, the genesis block contains the iconic The Times headline about bank bailouts that were not coded by none other than Satoshi Nakamoto:

The Times 03 January 2009 The Chancellor is on the brink of a second bailout for banks.

The theme of excessive government spending continued into 2020, with 629,999, the final winner of 12.5 BTC, saying the Fed’s plan exceeded its 2008 effort when the block was removed:

NYTimes April 09, 2020 With emission of $ 2.3T, the Fed’s Plan is Far Exceeding 2008

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Bitcoin’s block 659,678 also immortalized Reuters’ headline about the cryptocurrency reaching an all-time high on the backdrop of the declining US dollar.

Reuters Dec 01, 2020 The dollar fell above the US revitalization hopes; Bitcoin has reached its all-time high.


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