Agent Coulson and company will enlist the world of agent Peggy Carter in her final season

It may not be the most popular series of the moment, but “Agents of SHIELD” has known how to stay. Proof of this is that they have managed to reach the seventh and final season.

And as part of the surprises it may bring, a crossover with another of Marvel’s forgotten series, “Agent Carter,” has been confirmed.

The final season of “Agents of SHIELD” will take Agent Coulson and company on a journey back in time to the 1930s, where the “Agent Carter” series was developed.

EW revealed that actor Enver Golakj, who played Daniel Sousa for two seasons, will return in this final season of the series.

In his last appearance on “Agent Carter,” Sousa was the head of SSR, SHIELD’s forerunner agency, and had entered into a relationship with Peggy Carter.

“We will see it in a very different light. He had a particular role in ‘Agent Carter’, so we were able to show another color of his personality that has not been seen before, ”says series co-showrrunner Jeff Bell. It remains to be confirmed if Hayley Atwell will be playing Peggy Carter again.


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