Macro guru Raoul Pal says that a certain group of crypto assets will inevitably outstrip the growth of Bitcoin as the market matures.


Ethereum emphasis

In a series of tweets, Pal states that since Ethereum’s inception, it has managed to outpace BTC exponentially. He uses ETH as an example of why not everything will lose value against Bitcoin, contrary to what many believe.

The former Goldman Sachs fund manager says that when the increase in participants improves the value of a good or service, assets that gain network effects will increase in value against Bitcoin.

The founder of Real Vision believes that the overall crypto space is set to bubble, and previously stated that the overall crypto market value will likely double after surpassing $ 1.8 trillion.

3The market value of the entire digital asset space, a breakout of $ 1.8 trillion sounds like a big deal. The chart pattern shows that acceleration is ahead of this breakout. My guess is that the entire area will double in the next 2 to 3 months. Let’s see! “


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