According to a news that appeared in the foreign press and was suddenly trending, French President Macron was caught in a new type of coranavirus.

The coronavirus, which has affected the whole world, started to reveal its weight more and more every day. As the season came to winter in most places, the rate of sickness and deaths increased considerably. In the past months, we shared with you that many well-known people have caught cornavirus. For example, former US President Trump and his wife, British president Boris Johnson, and many other politicians have been captured by the new coranavirus. Now, an important name is added to these. According to the news that emerged suddenly today and became a trend, French President Macron also caught a new type of coronavirus. Macron, who attracted attention with his careless behavior and did not take the coronavirus very seriously, was immediately quarantined at his home because his test was positive today.

According to media reports, it was announced by the French Presidential Palace Elysees that Macron was caught in Covid-19. According to the statement made in the morning, Macron unfortunately learned that he got coranavirus in the test he had done due to various symptoms. The 42-year-old politician will be quarantined for 7 days at home, provided that he will take various measures and provide suitable conditions. He will manage the state affairs from his home in this process. Because it is not possible in a severe symptom or an intensive care situation. Therefore, it will not take much time for Macro to recover.


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