According to the data published by StatCounter, Google Chrome was not among the internet browsers whose usage rate decreased in April.

Google Chrome is one of the most used software in this field, although there are different browsers that everyone uses to surf the Web. The browser, launched by the search engine giant in 2008, has evolved too fast to be observed and has become an indispensable for most users. Considering that no other browser has achieved such a high level of success in a short time, Chrome is able to appeal to everyone, even today. Because the market data of April 2021, shared by the famous analysis company StatCounter, shows that Google Chrome is the only internet browser that does not decrease in terms of usage rate.

Today, the internet browser that can compete with Google Chrome is known to be Microsoft Edge. Mozilla Firefox, which has already left its glory days in 2002, has an active user base, but it is not at a level that can compete with Google Chrome. It is obvious that the race with Google Chrome will continue fiercely, especially with Microsoft Edge adopting the Chromium infrastructure. However, according to the latest reports; While Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers are experiencing a decline in market share, we see no loss in Google Chrome’s market share.

StatCounter is known as an analysis company that stands out by publishing market share data each last month. In the latest report published by the company on internet browsers market share distribution, it was stated that Google Chrome is the only browser that did not decrease its market share by 67.55%. Chrome is also, as always, the leader among web browsers in terms of usage count. Following Google Chrome in the ranking, Safari’s 10.11 percent market share in March dropped to 9.85 percent in April. If we take a look at the shares of other software; Microsoft Edge fell from 8.03 percent in March to 7.96 percent in April, and Firefox from 7.95 percent in March to 7.78 percent in April.

Developed exclusively for macOS, Safari remains the second most used browser, followed by Microsoft Edge as the third most used browser. This data represents how much Google Chrome is adopted by users, but also shows the consequences of caring for simplicity and the experience factor. Do not forget to indicate your thoughts on the subject in the comments.

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