Social isolation has brought a new dimension to the daily life routines of the world.

People who prefer social distance due to the Corona virus outbreak are getting more and more integrated into the digital world. Digital alternatives to everything from sports games to concerts, face-to-face events and games are adopted and these become a part of life. Online applications, which now cover a large part of our daily life, bring a different perspective to daily life.

Due to the virus epidemic, it led many companies to implement the home working model. Working from home actually brings many troubles. Work clothes, pajamas, shoes, house slippers, office area turned into a lounge, and a dining hall into a kitchen. While all this is happening, nobody wants to have a job interview in a messy kitchen or in an unassembled hall. Realizing this, the online furniture platform West Elm launched a new digital interior set for Zoom meetings in March. With this, the home decor of your dreams can be redecorated with luxurious accessories.

Virtual travel on Airbnb
On one hand, the screens use it as a window to the world. Airbnb is a kind of accommodation that brings together people who want to rent their homes and people looking for accommodation in that area. It enables virtual travel with Online Experiences launched on April 9. Virtual tourists meditate with Buddhist monks in Japan, visit Chernobyl with their dogs, or use Zoom to cook with a Moroccan family in Marrakesh.

“People are at the center of our work,” said Airbnb’s Catherine Powell. “We bring home owners online with many people who need to stay inside to protect their health,” explains how they made the situation we are fit for their users.

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Yoga sessions are held on Instagram Live
On the one hand, a similar approach is followed in destinations around the world. Hotels broadcast live from their rooms so that their guests can have a virtual getaway. The Jamaica Tourism Board launched the “Escape to Jamaica” series on April 3, 2020, and invited virtual visitors to join the Jamaican culture with dance parties, food demos and yoga sessions held on Instagram Live.

On the one hand, new games and activity platforms help mitigate the effects of social isolation. For example, the Canadian initiative Tru Luv Media has renewed the #SelfCare app to address the current health status of its users. It has updated its app platforms, which see users entering a virtual bedroom and offer them the options to perform an ordinary task like watering a plant or picking laundry.

The video game series Animal Crossing in the UK, the new game New Horizon, allows you to build everything online from furniture to tools. It allows gardening or fishing on a virtually uninhabited island.


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