You may have heard that the US Department of Defense - whose headquarters are in the Pentagon - released a series of videos of meetings between US military personnel and unidentified flying objects these days, along with the admission that whatever was flying with soldiers on occasions consist of phenomena that go on without explanation. Watch one of them below:

For this week, it was Japan’s turn to share information related to UFOs, revealing that it is working on creating a protocol in case its pilots encounter any of these mysterious objects during missions and military exercises.

Imminent invasion?
In reality, according to the Japan Department of Defense, none of these intriguing encounters have ever been recorded in Japanese lands - or beyond - by their military, but it never hurts to be prepared in case they happen. After all, with everything that has already happened this 2020, all that remained was an alien invasion!

The fact is that today, the norm is that whenever an aircraft invades Japanese airspace, a group of jets is sent to investigate. During reconnaissance, pilots must identify the origin of the invader and, if necessary, proceed with actions that force the vehicle to land - and may even trigger some warning shots in case the victim is stubborn.

However, as situations involving UFOs are not included in the current procedures and could not work in the approaches, the idea to develop such a protocol came up. The main purpose is to help Japanese soldiers know how to deal with unidentified flying objects and to recognize - at safe distances - possible military drones. But if a bizarre invasion succeeds, Japan’s Air Force would know how to act. Perhaps.


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