TOP Media rookie group MCND officially announced their plans for a comeback next month. The group will be making a comeback with their second mini album “MCND AGE” in early January.

On December 29 KST, the rookie group TOP Media announced their upcoming album ‘MCND AGE’ with a pair of individual concept images.

Now January 4 KST, the guys from MCND have revealed a bit more about the tracklist they will have on this second mini album that is titled MCND AGE.

Where it will contain 7 songs and we know that the title song will be CRUSH.

And a funny fact is that member Castle J participated in the lyrics of the main song CRUSH also in PLAYER, Outro and Not Over.

We remind you that MCND’s music video for their new title track will be released on January 8 at midnight (KST), followed by the digital release of their new mini album “MCND AGE” at 6 p.m. (KST).

The physical version of the album will be released three days later, on January 11. PS: Leave us in the comments if you want a schedule based on your country 😉

The guys at MCND are more than ready to return to the amazing kpop stages.


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