Along with the developing technology, the automobile industry has undergone considerable changes. Manufacturers have recently begun launching new electric vehicles that have become fashionable today. We have been seeing electric cars very often lately. Because the manufacturers; They come out with their newly developed electric vehicles to both protect the green and prevent fuel consumption. We can say that Tesla is the best company that has a say in this sector right now. These cars, produced with excellent equipment, have now proven themselves worldwide. However, the Japanese technology giant Aspark has broken new ground with its new electric car, which it has been working on for a long time. “Aspark Owl”, who reached from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds, said to Tesla, I have this competition.


Aspark Owl has 1985 horsepower

Recently, Japanese technology giant Aspark officially launched its new electric vehicle Owl. The company’s super fast new vehicle has exactly 1985 horsepower. It is the fastest take-off car in the world and there are only 50 on the market. Having a perfect development process, Aspark Owl has a rich aerodynamic design. However, its strength is also extremely excellent. With four engines and 1985 horsepower, it can produce torque up to 2,000 Nm.

According to official data, this new electric vehicle of Aspark; It reaches from 0 to 100 in a total of 1.69 seconds. In addition, the maximum speed of the vehicle can go up to 400 km / h. Of course, in order to achieve this balance, it is supported by a battery with a traction power of 69 kWh.

Japanese technology giant Aspark first exhibited this car in a showroom in Ossaka. However, the vehicle is outside of Japan; It has been announced that it will also be ordered from Europe and North America.

The Aspark Owl, which will be produced only 50 units, will have a price tag of $ 3,560,000.


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