PlayStation 5, released 6 months ago, continues to break sales records. Leading the race, Sony achieved another significant success.


Competition between the two major game console manufacturers Sony and Microsoft continues unabated. While the PS4 completed the race in the previous generation, it seems that the winner in the new generation will be the PS5. Although it could not achieve the success it wanted in smart phone production, Sony, which is extremely ambitious on the console side, continues to break records. Despite the difficulties in production, Sony PlayStation 5 has managed to become the fastest selling game console in Microsoft’s own home

According to the National Purchase Diary report, PS5 has managed to become the fastest selling game console in the USA, both in terms of revenue and sales unit. Despite this, Sony is still not happy with the sales. The company, which has production difficulties due to pandemic conditions, cannot keep up with the demands and in many countries there is a stock problem.

The title of the best-selling console in history is still not passed. The PS2, which was announced in 2000 and entered its period like a bomb, sold 155 million units during the 13 years it was on sale. That was enough to keep him still at the top. Just behind it is the Nintendo DS with 154.2 million and the Nintendo Game Boy with 118.69 million.

The rest of the list is listed as follows; PlayStation 4 (Sony): 114.9 million, PlayStation (Sony): 102.49 million, Wii (Nintendo): 101.63 million, PlayStation 3 (Sony): 87.4 million, Xbox 360 (Microsoft): 84 million, Game Boy Advance (Nintendo): 81.51 million, PlayStation Portable (Sony): 80 million.


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