Mobile games continue to be with you in every moment of our lives. One of these games is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, known as PUBG. As a result of the increase in the rumors about PUBG about “I threw a bot” recently, PUBG made a scan and 1.2 million people ate BAN. PUBG also announced that it will continue to ban.



PUBG announced that they caught 1.2 million people cheating in the game between January 8 and January 14. It was stated that the accounts and characters of these people were also deleted from the game. The figure of 1.2 million may be too much, but considering that PUBG has 600 million users in total, we can see that 1.2 million people are not very important.

It was determined that 48% of these banned accounts booted up and launched an attack. The rate of those who cheated on x-rays was 22%. 12% uses the increased movement speed cheat. 7% of these accounts were using the injury trick in their accounts. Here, all these fraudulent accounts have been removed.

We used the GFX Tool application in the 90FPS test we did with the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro before. At this point, although it has been announced that this practice is not a reason for ban in the basic sense; Let’s also point out that this is not certain. It may also be possible that the Ban research robot sees the GFX Tool application you use for FPS increase as the reason for Ban. Therefore, we recommend you to be careful. Because there is no turning back.


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