Even banks are starting to offer cryptocurrency services, although there is a large group of people who oppose bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Switzerland-based UBS is one of these banks.

Zurich-based Swiss bank UBS, one of the world’s largest security managers, is preparing to offer Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency services to its investors.

In the information expressed by sources whose names are not disclosed by Bloomberg, it was stated that the company is working to meet the crypto money demand from its customers and that this request will be responded to in the near future. Thus, it was stated that UBS will offer its wealthy investors the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency with a small portion of their portfolios and it is working in other crypto currencies other than Bitcoin (BTC) in order to diversify this investment.

The positions of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies in our lives are increasing day by day. So much so that, apart from those who once strongly opposed, even banks have started to work in this direction. This can be shown as an indication that the cryptocurrency is getting closer to general acceptance. So much so that banks now have to provide these services in order not to lose their customers even if they do not support crypto money.

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