After WhatsApp and Instagram, full dark mode is coming soon to Facebook. Already available on some interfaces, such as the desktop and being tested on Android, the novelty is that Mark Zuckerberg’s company works on the black interface on iOS.

It is worth mentioning that the feature is not yet available, not even for beta testers. Visually, the app is similar in color to the Android app, based on a very dark shade of gray, that is, it does not maintain the color scheme of Instagram and iOS 13.

When available, dark mode can be activated by entering Settings / Dark Mode. When choosing the option, it will be possible to choose when to activate it (always, never or according to the system settings, with scheduled start).

When activated, Dark Mode completely changes the appearance of Facebook. Some improvements are still missing, like the black status bar at various times and the white background below the profile image, but it is possible to see that, from the results, almost the entire platform behaves well in the dark mode.

It is worth noting that the resource is still under development, not immediately available to the public and, for the most anxious, the bad news is that there is no set release date, and even with the images, it is not possible to specify how much time is left for the official launch.


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