“Ain’t no mountain high enough”. The music by Marvin Gaye, who says there is no mountain high enough, may have inspired the engineers at Huawei and China Mobile. In the race for 5G technology hegemony, the two companies have come together for one feat.

The historic mark is to place a 5G antenna on Everest, the highest point on the planet, and known as the most challenging for climbers worldwide. The intention, signed in an agreement between Huawei and local operators, aims to implement fifth generation mobile internet coverage throughout the Himalayan mountain range.

The operation peaked, with pardon for the pun, on April 19, last Sunday, when teams from both companies installed telecommunications antennas to offer coverage at two points on Everest, located at 5300 and 5800 meters. Everest, with an elevation of 8848 meters above the sea, already has 4G coverage since 2013.

The most difficult part of the operation was to transport 8 tons of material to the mountains. The adventure required the installation of five 5G NSA antennas up to 1Gb / s at different points on the mountain. The schedule also foresees the installation of a new antenna on April 25, located at a height of 6500 meters.

150 people were needed to carry out the action, and the geographical conditions made the task more difficult, which is aggravated by the condition of not damaging the environment. The information is from the Global Times.

We call this an ‘impossible mission’ because the challenges are formidable. How can we ensure a stable 5G network? So, how can we guarantee the supply of electricity to 5G stations in extreme weather conditions? How can we ensure that the cables do not fit at -20 ° C? Overcoming these difficulties and building the world’s tallest 5G base stations, China showed the world its leading 5G technology and capabilities. analysts said. “This marks a milestone in China’s 5G launch”
Xiang Ligang, veteran telecommunications industry analyst in Beijing, in an interview with Global times


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