Shopping on WhatsApp is now even easier thanks to the new “basket” feature added to the service.

With its announcement, WhatsApp announced that the popular chat application has further improved the shopping experience by adding a shopping cart to the service. This feature will help businesses that sell multiple items - for example, clothing stores - manage and process orders, allowing users to select multiple items at once, the company said.

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The company, owned by Facebook, expanded its shopping features last month, making it easier for users to review product catalogs and purchase items directly from WhatsApp conversation. The service “quickly turns into a shop counter where products can be discussed and sales coordinated,” the firm says, so adding a shopping cart will make it easier to buy and sell items.

Users can enter a business conversation on WhatsApp, click the shopping button, select a product from the catalog, and simply click Add to cart. As with all other shopping sites, it is possible to change the number of items or remove them from the basket by editing this shopping cart. In addition, users can add multiple items to the cart and send a query to the seller in a single message.


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