WWE overlord Vince McMahon never had a very good relationship with The Revival back then, now FTR and now has been further demonstrated by a conversation Vince had with them after a match against New Day.

Vince McMahon almost insulted The Revival in WWE

This week FTR, the formerly known as The Revival were the guests of Jim Cornette’s podcast, and in it they talked about a situation they had with Vince McMahon after a fight against New Day, where he shows the little appreciation his boss had for them. .

Dax Harwood was the one who told Jim Cornette about the event.

We had a match with New Day. We had a good fight and the four of us were very happy with how everything had turned out but when we got backstage we saw Vince McMahon in the Gorilla Position with his hands in his pockets.

I will never forget what he said, he looked at Cash and me and he said. Everyone tells me that you are the next Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson, that you are the next great tag team. Alright guys, this is the problem, you are not Tully and Arn Anderson, you are just two good professional wrestlers.

Cash and I took that message as something to be proud of, he was seriously comparing us to Tully and Arn, one of the best couples in the history of wrestling who have achieved everything they wanted, for him it would be an insult but for us it was a pride.

We already know that finally and many attempts The Revival managed to leave WWE and it is not surprising that the fighters seeing the treatment they received did not want to sign a new contract for much money that they were offered.


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