The latest reports indicate that Vince Russo would have returned to Impact Wrestling to work as a consultant. No one has confirmed the news, but many specialized journalists, such as Sean Ross Sapp of, have commented in recent hours that the rumor would be true. Other WrestleTalk media have joined the confirmation.

The rumors escalated in recent weeks, especially as Impact Wrestling decided to show footage of WWE superstars, who had been laid off in April, hinting at the possibility of them appearing at Slammiversary 2020. Russo appears to be behind of that idea that would aim to get the attention of the fans.

Vince Russo himself has pointed out in recent hours that the rumor is not true, but it should be noted that in his previous stage in TNA (Impact Wrestling) as a consultant, Russo signed a contract with a clause that did not allow him to make public his link with the company. That clause was signed so Russo wouldn’t give the company bad publicity due to his past with WCW and other stages of his creative career that weren’t very successful.

Vince Russo is an American writer who gained fame working for WWE between 1992 and 1999. His best moment came with the Attitude Era, where he powered his Crash TV style in the stories. It was part of WWF’s recovery from the WCW threat, and left for the competition when Vince McMahon’s company regained leadership on Monday nights. Despite his success in WWE, Russo was unable to refloat the WCW ship, which ended up sinking in 2001. Between 2002 and 2014, Russo worked at TNA (Impact Wrestling) in different phases.


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