The impact of advertising on YouTube’s rapid growth is beyond dispute. While content producers make money with these advertisements, users both support content producers and keep the platform standing.

New ad decision for YouTube videos!

People who upload videos to YouTube / shortly called YouTubers are trying to upload videos of 10 minutes or more. This is because mid-video ads are only showing on videos longer than 10 minutes. A good bad news came from YouTube, which has changed its decision about advertising.

The good news is for content producers: the ads shown in the middle of the video will appear before the end of July in videos longer than 8 minutes. So, it was decided to limit the 10-minute limit to 8 minutes.

As part of this change, mid-roll ads will be automatically enabled for all eligible videos available and future uploads, including videos with this ad type disabled.

The bad news is that users will now be faced with more ads as the time limit is lowered. What do you think about this decision for YouTube videos? We are waiting your comments.


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