Apple and Epic’s court battle started to reveal a lot of information. Finally, Microsoft’s statement that it is not profiting from Xbox sales was not found realistic by Apple, and Apple is dissatisfied with the testimony of Laurie Wright, the vice president of Xbox business development, at the hearing held as part of the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games.

In court, the Xbox administrator said that Microsoft did not profit from console sales. Apple called Wright’s claim “unfounded,” accusing Microsoft of “intentionally” trying to withhold documents from the court. Apple’s lawyers want the court to draw “negative conclusions about the credibility” of the Microsoft spokesperson’s statements.

According to Epic, Microsoft is right

As Epic Games lawyers point out, game console makers like Microsoft need to charge such a high commission. Because the purchases made on the platform are the main source of income for these companies as they do not earn from the hardware. Therefore, the high game cost means that the high commission fees for consoles are justified.

However, according to Epic Games‘ logic, the iPhone should be seen as a “general purpose” device, which means users should be allowed to install apps from outside, not just from the App Store. Moreover, Apple’s smartphones are not sold at a loss. This means Apple’s high App Store commission of 30% is unfair, according to Epic Games.

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