Apple recently invested $ 45 million from the Advanced Manufacturing Fund in Corning, which produces the Ceramic Shield in the iPhone 12 series. The investment amount in the last four years has been approximately 500 million dollars.

Apple invested $ 45 million in Corning, the company that provides precision glass used in iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. The technology giant wants to support the glass manufacturer in developing the company and its R&D studies.

‘From the first iPhone glass to the iPhone 12 series’

After a total of $ 450 million in support for Corning in 2017 and 2019, a smaller amount was invested this time. Looking at the general picture, in about 4 years, about $ 500 million was provided to Corning from Apple’s $ 5 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund.

Apple said these investments helped support more than 1,000 jobs and played an important role in creating the Ceramic Shield, which is four times more resistant to damage from drops used in the iPhone 12 series.

Corning’s CEO, Wendell P. Weeks: “We thank Apple for our longstanding product development partnership and their continued commitment to supporting the American workforce. it not only helps us maintain vital communities where we live and work. ” said.

In the statements made, there is no information on which segments Corning will spend this investment. Following the rumors that Apple will launch a foldable iPhone in 2023, it is thought that with the new investment, Corning will focus on the issue of bendable glass.

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