An amazing video has been released, including the sounds of the Mars helicopter Ingenuity made on the Red Planet. You can watch the video below.

New images continue to come from NASA’s famous Mars helicopter Ingenuity. The space agency has now shared a very beautiful video, including the sound of the helicopter on Mars. You can watch the video shot by Perseverance below.

The video, shot by Perseverance from a distance of 80 meters, belongs to Ingenuity’s fourth flight test. Because of this distance between Perseverance and Ingenuity, NASA was not sure whether the helicopter could actually be recorded. However, we can hear the sounds made by Ingenuity, although it is not very clear in the video.

Due to the thin atmosphere of Mars, the sound of the helicopter sounds a little faint and muffled. In addition, the winds that appeared in the first moments of the flight also blurred the sound a little. However, if you listen carefully, you can hear the buzz of the helicopter.

According to the statements made by NASA, the Ingenuity helicopter was spinning its propellers at a speed of 2537 RPM when the video was taken. Due to the thin atmosphere of Mars, it has to work about 6 times faster than helicopters on Earth.

The Ingenuity helicopter has performed five flight tests in the past month. In these tests, he managed to reach a maximum height of 10 meters. It also took 236 meters in one go.

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