The web version of the News app, where you can follow the latest news according to your interests, has an expanded dark mode feature. Now, users will be able to use the dark mode feature in the web version as they wish.

The Google News application is one of the most frequently used news tracking applications with many successful features. The application, which offers its users the most up-to-date news from all over the world according to their interests, improves the user experience day by day with continuous updates .

Considering the increased screen times, we can say that dark mode is one of the most frequently searched features in an application. Many applications such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook also have dark mode in both mobile and web versions. Google has introduced this feature in almost all of its applications.

Google News also has a dark mode feature in its mobile version. Users can use the dark mode to automatically change according to the system setting or to be active only in the evening. Now, users will be able to actively use the dark mode in all menus and news in the web version .

How to enable dark mode for Google News web version?

After logging into the web version of Google News with your Google account, you can go to the ‘Dark Theme’ option in the ‘Settings’ menu on the left and activate the theme to use it as you wish. You can personalize your Google News by choosing to have your system settings active in dark mode, always use in dark mode, or disable the feature .


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