The first promotional video came from Chucky’s TV series, which shows that a plush toy can also be enough to scare or stretch people. The series, which will start broadcasting next year, will continue the story of the original series.

One of the most iconic characters in the history of cinema, Chucky has managed to be among the unforgettable ones, especially for those who love horror movies since 1988, when it first met with the big screen. Moreover, Chucky is preparing to meet the audience in a longer story as a TV series in 2021.

The Chucky series, which will be broadcast on NBC’s USA Network and SYFY channels, will be realized by Don Mancini, the author and director of the original series. In addition, David Kirschner, co-producer of the series, and Brad Dourif, the owner of Chucky’s original voice, are among the names in the project.

Chucky will appear as a TV series for the first time in 2021

Stating that the TV series will protect the texture of the original film series, Don Mancini said that the series will not be a production independent of the 30-year story. Stating that they are building new characters that fans will be happy to see in the series, Mancini said, however, that the new story will answer some questions about Chucky and fill some gaps in the 30-year story.

The Chucky series, which will be released next year, will be the continuation of the 7-series original series and will further expand the story. Therefore, we can say that a possible Chucky movie to be shot after the series will have a more solid infrastructure. You can watch the first promotional video from the Chucky series below.

Chucky promotional video


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