Google aims to provide more security to its users with its 2-step verification feature.

Google announced that it will automatically switch users to the 2-step authentication method. The company states in a blog post that all “properly configured” accounts will be registered with this method soon. On the other hand, it is not shared exactly when this change will occur. After two-step authentication is done, you need to log into your Google account from any device, send a prompt to the smartphone connected to the account, and then confirm whether you are the new sign-in attempt.

Enabling two-factor authentication for everyone ensures that there is no unauthorized access to the account. The company also made statements about other ways it protected users beyond their Google accounts. For example, improvements have been made to the password manager, which provides quick access to all security controls. This means users will know if their password is at risk and even help create a new password in such cases. In addition, Google’s password importer, which is a tool that will make it easier for users to import their passwords between Google and other password managers on Android, is also a useful feature.

Together, these three features will make it easier for users to manage their passwords and accounts effectively. Google also underlines that they work for a world where passwords will not be required thanks to the security of the account. Let’s not go without saying that the plan is quite ambitious.

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