In order to improve the connection between companies and consumers, Instagram announced new rules for the Purchasing feature, expanding the solution to content creators - influencers. According to the company, it will be possible to tag qualified products with tags, and sales can be made based on a single website, “so that people have a consistent and reliable shopping experience.”

Also according to the platform, to take advantage of the functionality, which until then was only available in the United States, the applicant will undergo an evaluation. Once approved, a notification will be displayed and transactions can be started. Otherwise, the reasons for the refusal will be clarified, allowing the user to rectify the situation or make an appeal.

How to join the novelty?

The company also revealed that the registration flow will be updated in order to provide clearer guidelines and provide more transparency to its support decisions. “New companies will go through our updated integration flow and existing companies will receive an in-app notification in the coming weeks with instructions on how to comply,” he says in a statement.

To check the updated trade qualification requirements, which will come into effect from 9/07 and are valid for all countries where the feature is accepted, including Brazil, just visit the Help Center. In addition, a configuration guide has been made available.

As of this date, Instagram promises that “there will be greater transparency for people and companies, as well as a more reliable shopping experience”, adding: “In the future, these requirements will be applied to all companies that sell products on the commercial surfaces of the Facebook.”


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