According to research by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a business consultant, Apple was considered the most innovative company of 2020 in a list of 162 companies.

The position is the result of a survey carried out between August and October last year with more than 2 thousand executives from all over the world, composed of C-level positions (63%) and vice-presidency (37%).

The next two places were occupied by Alphabet, owner of the Google conglomerate, and Amazon, which in the previous ranking were in the leadership and vice-leadership, respectively. In the sixth position, Huawei stood out for having climbed 42 steps compared to the previous period.

Thus, the boycott in the US trade war, such as the withdrawal of Google apps, was not enough to erase the power of the Chinese giant. Check out the top 50:

Compared to the 2019 ranking, Microsoft and Samsung maintained the same position, fourth and fifth, consecutively. The organizations mentioned - minus Huawei - are among the eight that have remained among the top 50 in innovation over the past 14 years.

With the addition of IBM and HP, the majority operate in the technology sector, with Toyota being the only one outside the medium.

For the analysis, BCG considered aspects such as: ambition and mastery of innovation; management performance; organization and ecosystems; talent and culture; adjusting ideas to the market; projects; among others.

The report also revealed that companies that double their investment in innovation in times of recession are more likely to reestablish themselves quickly.


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