Famous investor Marc Andreessen believes that countries have failed to combat the corona virus outbreak. He thinks this will be solved by rebuilding socio-political instruments.

Corona virus has changed and affected everyday life. Many hope that this will be temporary, but experts have trouble predicting what might happen in the coming weeks. Curfews began, companies were closed, social life slowed. The whole world is anxious and worried about where this business will arrive and what effects it will have … Since some countries manage this process correctly, the outbreak is less damaged and controlled. But especially for western countries like England, USA and Spain, the bill is quite heavy …

Countries failed to fight disease

Marc Andreessen, one of the famous investors in the internet world, thinks that these countries are unprepared for the corona virus outbreak … That’s why many countries fail in this regard and continues his words as follows:

Many of us want to pin this case to a political party or government. But the truth is that despite hard work and the extraordinary sacrifice of many people, everyone has failed. So the problem is deeper than your favorite political opponent or your own country.

Heed the warnings

Criticizing the USA’s policies to combat the corona virus outbreak, investors claim that medical facilities do not have enough equipment and materials. He also says that despite years of warning about bat corona viruses, the US has not started its vaccine development efforts. “I hope scientists will invent vaccines. But we may not have the production factories to scale their production later. And even then, we will see if we will be able to apply the treatment or vaccine quickly,” saying that for the life of many people after the 2014 epidemic, for the new Ebola vaccine. It reminds me that it took five years for the regulatory test to be approved. Mark Andreessen said that the package of economic measures announced to combat the outbreak is insufficient.

According to him, millions of workers and small businesses in the USA are facing serious economic crisis … He criticizes the policies of the US government, saying that he has not taken enough precautions, and continues: “It is not difficult to mask or transfer money to those in need. They have these things. We could have been, but we chose not to do … Is the problem money? The federal government has announced a 2-trillion-dollar corona virus recovery package within two weeks. But the real problem is will …

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American dream must be rebuilt

According to him, the solution of the problems listed above goes through aggressive investment in new products, production, factories and political support without compromise. He argues that the ‘American Dream’, which defends that hard work, prosperity and fame can be achieved with hard work, needs to be restructured. He says that he needs to revise and review his current policies for this and concludes his words:

What is the American dream? A home of your own, a family … To make sure every US can fulfill the dream, it has to break rapidly increasing price curves for housing, education and healthcare. The only way to do this is to build it. We must demand more from our political leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors. We must demand even more from our culture and society. Because we are all necessary and we can all contribute to the construction. Our nation and civilization were built on production, on the building. Our ancestors made their paths and trains, farms and factories. We also have computers, microchips, smartphones … There is only one way to honor their heritage and create the future we want for our own children and grandchildren, and that is to build.

We have already written that the veteran investor mentored Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2006, and his move played an important role in rejecting the $ 1 billion purchase offer from Yahoo at that time. As it is understood from this example, it is necessary to listen to Andreessen’s criticism about the fight against the epidemic, which is known for making an accurate and accurate decision.


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