One of Google’s most beloved services, Google Earth was only available through Chrome so far. It was not supported by any other browser other than Chrome. However, with the current update, Google Earth will be able to work with other browsers. Google Earth became more available with browser support .

Google Earth gets browser support
First launched in 2017, Google Earth was only available through the Chrome browser to date . However, he stated that they were working to support other browsers a while ago.

Keeping its promise with the latest update, Google will now be able to run the Google Earth service in other internet browsers. Users using Firefox, Opera and Edge browsers will also be able to benefit from this service. Despite this, Apple’s Safari support for browser has not yet arrived. Although Google stated that Safari support will come soon, there is no exact date. It is one of the expectations to come for Safari soon.

You can reach the Google Earth service where you can see the world from every angle by using this link.

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