There was an interesting development regarding the recently released FMV game “Gamer Girl”. The promotional video of the game, which offers cross-sections from the life of a actress, has been removed from the website of YouTube and the developer company after the negative comments and dislikes. No statement was made on the subject.

The video game industry has gained tremendous power, especially in recent years. This power, also provided with the support of live broadcast platforms, significantly increased the number of gamers. Moreover, the actresses gradually started to enter our lives. Today Turkey and the livelihood of thousands of employees by providing both post play and in other countries have female publisher.

Wales Interactive, a video game developer from Wales, one of the UK countries, has recently announced a game. This game, called “Gamer Girl”, was in the form of FMV, full motion video, and would give players a simulation of actress. The company even released a trailer for this game on July 16. Now this trailer has been removed from Wales Interactive’s YouTube channel and official website.

In the Gamer Girl game, we will accompany the life of a woman actor who has the nickname “Abicake99”. We will manage the live broadcast chats of this woman, we will make choices according to the course of the events. It has to be said that everything is so exciting up to this point. However, apparently, gamers could not accept this game. Because the promotional video of Gamer Girl received thousands of “dislike” and negative comments shortly after its publication.

In the comments to the promotional video of Gamer Girl, the gamers criticized Abicake99’s more dressing. The reason for this was that our actress wore relatively “provocative” clothes. The fact that some female broadcasters on Twitch, the world’s most popular live broadcast platform, were wearing sexy outfits and their subscribers had already ignited various discussions. In addition, Twitch introduced new rules for nudity and clothing and sexual content in early April. Despite all this, Abicake99’s outfits in the promotional video caused the reactions to increase.

Wales Interactive, in a statement from his Twitter account, explained what idea lies behind Gamer Girl. In the statements made, it was stated that the comments and actions that the female actors were exposed to wanted to explain how they affect their mental health. The company even said that they had been doing research for this project for 4 years and that what happened in the game was largely based on reality. However, the reactions to the promotional video show that Wales Interactive is far from its intended purpose. Because while the company wanted to draw attention to what happened, it faced similar reactions.

The developer team was not content with removing the promotional video of Gamer Girl. The company also removed a blog post on its official website that tells about Gamer Girl. So the game was asked to be forgotten at once. However, the developer team did not make the slightest explanation as to why he took such a step. It remains unclear whether the project will be canceled or whether we will see it again after some changes have been made. The days ahead seem to be pregnant with a lot about Gamer Girl.

You can watch the promotional video of Gamer Girl on another channel below


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