Many worldwide space agencies are working to go to the Red Planet Mars. ElderFox, a documentary channel on YouTube, has re-broadcast images of Mars by upgrading to 4K resolution and offered spectacular views to the audience.

ElderFox, a UK-based space-focused documentary channel, shared fascinating footage from Mars, which is said to be the next home of humanity. Displaying the Red Planet in 4K resolution, ElderFox proved that Mars, which resembles a huge desert, actually has fascinating views.

The weapon “spots” that appear in the video, which is created by upgrading the images obtained from three Mars travelers named Curiosity, Spirit and Opportunity, is due to the fact that there is no handheld image for the region.

The problem is; The data transfer rate on Mars is 32 kilobits per second for most of the day. While the Mars Exploration Satellite enters the sight of the surface traveler, the speed goes up to 2 megabytes per second, but it doesn’t take long. Therefore, taking gigabytes of videos on the surface of Mars and sending them to the Earth is a very laborious task. On the other hand, photos can be delivered to the world with much smaller file sizes with the correct compression methods.

Video of Mars in 4K resolution


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