3 new wireless headsets were announced under the Nokia brand. Called E1200 Essential, E3500 Essential TWS and E3200 Essential TWS, wireless headphones seem to succeed in attracting attention with their stylish designs and specifications.

Nokia, one of the most popular technology manufacturers of its time, is now looking for its old days with candles. Nokia branded products, which have been put up for sale by HMD Global even though they have already lost their existence, prevent the company from being forgotten. Now, new Nokia branded wireless headset models have been announced and these products seem to attract the attention of the consumers.

Nokia branded wireless headset models; E1200 Essential is named as E3500 Essential TWS and E3200 Essential TWS and they attract attention with their unique features. Wireless headphones stand out with their technical features as well as their stylish designs and seem to offer consumers an impressive experience. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at these wireless headphones.

Nokia E1200 Essential

The E1200 Essential draws attention with its aluminum coating. Caring about the comfort of the users, the company preferred leather covering in the ear section. Also, this wireless headset takes up less space with its foldable structure and can be easily carried in a bag or package.

If you look at the technical specifications of the Nokia E1200 Essential, this wireless headset has Bluetooth 5.0 support. Fully compatible with Google Assistant and Siri, the wireless headset simplifies the work of iOS and Android users. With a 500 mAh battery, the Nokia E1200 Essential offers users up to 40 hours of use.

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Nokia E3500 Essential TWS

E3500 Essential TWS, which has 3 different color options, seems to have found the middle with its long and short structure. Weighing only 5 grams, the headphones stand on an A4 paper weight in the ear and offer a fifth level of resistance to sweat and rain. The wireless headset with Qualcomm’s CVC technology reduces background noise.

The Nokia E3500 Essential TWS has a pair of microphones, allowing users to have a better conversation. In addition, this wireless headset promises up to 7 hours of continuous play. When you use the wireless headphones together with the charging box, you can listen to music for more than 25 hours.

Nokia E3200 Essential TWS

The Nokia E3200 Essential TWS manages to attract attention with its compact structure. The minimally structured wireless headset is IPX 5 certified while attracting attention with Bluetooth 5.0 support. This certificate shows that the Nokia E3200 Essential TWS is fully resistant to sweat and rain. In addition, this wireless headset offers up to 17 hours of use.

Authorities have not made a price announcement regarding their new wireless headphones. It is also not known when these wireless headphones will go on sale and in which countries they can be purchased. The products are currently listed on India Flipkart without specifying the price and release date. Apparently, these wireless headphones will try to appreciate consumers in countries on the Asian continent.


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