NFL training camps may not have a start date, but that doesn’t mean important things stop happening to teams. The clearest example is found in the ‘Big Apple’ franchise because Jamal Adams of the Jets wants a trade.

It takes months without ‘being’ part of the team.

He really continues with them, but not in the right way because the defender decided not to participate in the virtual preseason that all the teams are having. He does not connect to the boards or is aware of what is happening and all because he does not see the Jets doing something to retain him.

He has expressed some frustration at his lack of progress in extending a contract. So staying out of the preseason was not enough pressure, he decided to put in a little more and therefore, Jamal Adams warned the Jets that he wants a trade.

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Self explanatory. #Prez

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He is one of the best players the team has.

It has nothing against the New York franchise, but what it is doing is putting its own interests first. He wrote on his social networks: “it’s time to protect myself as an organization will take care of itself at the end of the day and if you don’t respect that, great. Everything is love. Maybe it’s time to move on!”

It is not the first tweet that you write about the frustration you feel and it will surely not be the last, at least not until you accept that you could exchange it with another team. The Jets have said they have no intention of letting their best defense go.

Although those in NY say that it will be very difficult to reach an agreement to let him go, on multiple occasions it has been said that they have had talks with Dallas to reach a negotiation, which would have to happen before the start of the 2020 NFL season on September 10.


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