According to the findings of a study conducted in the UK, our body stops the production of antibodies against coronavirus after a while. This means that we can catch the coronavirus repeatedly.

A recent study at King’s College at the University of London revealed that people who caught and recovered from the coronavirus developed highly effective antibodies against the virus, while the antibodies were not permanent and that people could be caught repeatedly with coronavirus, such as the flu.

In the study conducted with over 90 patients and healthcare workers at Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital in London, the immune system responses of the participants to the coronavirus were examined. The data revealed that the body increased the level of antibodies from the moment the symptoms of coronavirus began to appear, while the antibody level peaked within three weeks and then declined.

After surviving the coronavirus, antibody production can stop completely

In blood tests, it was observed that 60 percent of the participants produced a very high level of antibodies against coronavirus. However, at the end of the 3-month period, it was observed that only 17 percent of the patients had immune levels. While the average immune level decreased 23-fold during the period in question, antibody production in some cases stopped completely.

One of the researchers who led the study. Katie People said, “People are developing a reasonable level of antibodies to the virus, but this level begins to drop in a short time depending on how high your peak is. This peak determines how long the antibodies will remain in your body, ”said the study, which included important information for both the development of vaccines and the process of gaining herd immunity.

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Once a coronavirus vaccine may not provide permanent protection

Dr. According to Doores, if the antibodies produced while fighting the disease disappear within three months, it is possible that we will encounter similar results when the vaccine is developed. According to the study, Doores stated that people would need to take supplements for antibody production, while a single dose of vaccine may not be sufficient.

To summarize briefly, Dr. The study, led by Katie Doores, provides evidence that the antibodies produced by our body against coronavirus disappear in as short as 3 months and that we can catch the coronavirus repeatedly. Therefore, even if a coronavirus vaccine is found, vaccination once may not provide permanent protection.


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