Grant Imahara, one of the White Rabbit Project servers, one of the popular documentaries of Netflix, died at the age of 49. The legend of Imahara, who was also legendary in MythBusters on the Discovery Channel, has not been officially announced at this time.

Netflix, the world’s most popular online series and movie platform, has also managed to attract attention with its documentaries. One of his popular productions on Netflix, which includes almost every type of documentary, was the “White Rabbit Project”. In this documentary, important events such as the world’s greatest inventions and robberies were examined. In this news, we will not tell you about a content in the documentary. Unfortunately, Grant Imahara, one of our favorite servers of this documentary, died.

Imahara’s death was first announced through The Hollywood Reporter. After this shocking statement, a Discovery Channel representative made a statement and confirmed the news of death by saying that Imahara is a great person and an important part of the Discovery Channel family. The cause of death of the 49-year-old server is currently unknown.

Imahara, which opened its eyes to life in 1970, did important jobs after graduating from the University of Southern California Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Imahara, who started making effects for movies as well as studying robotics, made effects for movies such as Matrix, Star Wars and Star Trek, which are among the most popular productions in the movie industry. Imahara reached the peak of her career by joining the MythBusters team on Discovery Channel.

We watched Imahara for a long time on MythBusters. Imahara, who created the appropriate environment for the myths to be tested in the documentary and designed robots and machines, was always at the forefront during the testing of these myths. In fact, it is highly probable that those who watched this documentary were more interested in this documentary with the fun personality of Imahara.

Imahara’s only project was not MythBusters. Grant Imahara, who also appeared as a presenter in a documentary called “White Rabbit Project” that Netflix published only in 1 season in 2016, met with Karl Byron and Tory Belleci to investigate the world’s greatest inventions and big robberies. Imahara did not appear on TV screens for a while after this production.

No clear explanation has been given yet about the cause of death of Imahara, who died at a young age. However, according to the claims, Imahara died due to a brain aneurysm. Later in the day, a new statement is expected to be made and the reason for Imahara’s death is announced to the public.


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