Successful cryptocurrency analyst Aaron Arnold announced 7 altcoins that investors should pursue and have strong potential in 2021.

Aaron Arnold: These 7 altcoins are the best picks Aaron Arnold, who runs the “Altcoin Daily” YouTube Channel with his brother Arnold Austin, said that 8 cryptocurrencies he believes will rise strongly to more than a quarter million followers are top choices. Aaron Arnold’s first choice is Bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency. In an interview with Aaron Arnold, Daniel Schulman, CEO of PayPal, said that Bitcoin adoption is in the early stages. Daniel Schulman added that PayPal makes it easier to trade and hold cryptocurrencies, and there will be more by early 2021. PayPal will enable 28 million users on its platform to use crypto as a source of funds for any of their transactions.

Aaron Arnold said:


Aaron Arnold: Polkadot (DOT) will be one of the best performing assets in 2021 Aaron Arnold named Polkadot as the second-best performing asset of 2021. The project started in mid-August and received an instant positive response from the crypto community. Polkadot is the next generation Proof-of-Stake Blockchain network that facilitates full interoperability of any data type, including tokens, between different open source and private Blockchain networks. Now Polkadot is one of Ethereum’s biggest competitors, along with Cardano and Binance Chain, dubbed potential ETH killers. Polkadot’s local token DOT has attracted a $ 3 billion investment from investors who want to earn a passive income through staking. Aaron Arnold also stated that Polkadot has attracted investment in DeFi and fungible tokens (NFTS).

Aaron Arnold: Ethereum ready to grow Ethereum officially started the transition to proof of stake with the successful launch of Beacon Chain. According to Aaron Arnold, ETH is poised to grow as it promises to bring a new network scalability and staking rewards. Aaron Arnold: YFI ( has explosive potential YFI is one of the best DeFi projects to emerge from the DeFi boom in 2020. The protocol implemented the Yearn Improvement Proposal 54 (YIP-54), which Arnolds envisioned as a possible explosive catalyst for the DeFi project. Aaron Arnold: Major updates could increase the price of Cardano (ADA) She is on Cardano on Aaron Arnold’s list. Major updates to Cardano, including Yella, will increase ADA’s value, benefit and price, said Aaron Arnold.

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